Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Socks Anyone?

Earlier this month I sent off a package to my daughter with a bunch of socks. Because I wear orthodics in my shoes, I can't really wear my own handknit socks. Therefore, most of my handknit socks go to my daughter. Well this package contained about 9 pairs, I believe, including all the socks I knit for NaKnitMo. The final pair I finished I didn't get a picture of but I did the circle socks and they looked great. I have to knit another pair because Henny loved them. Since I sent off the package I knit these socks. The pattern is a free patten from Wendy Knits and can be found here. The yarn is from Diamond Yarns and I got it at The Purple Purl. I'm very pleased with the result. After my daughter received all the socks the kids decided they wanted me to knit them all socks as well. I'm surprised it took them so long because I've been knitting socks for Henny for a long time. Anyway, I finished socks for the two boys and just finished the first sock for my GD. Once they're all done I'll knit another pair from the second ball and send them all down.
I've been spinning as well. This was spun on Lizbeth and I am pretty pleased with the results. The yarn is a light fingering, I believe. The fibre is Fleece Artist merino/silk blend. I'm going to knit socks from it I just have to decide for who and a pattern.
With the year almost over I'm not planning on any resolutions for the new year. I never manage to stick to them anyway so why start off the year feeling disappointed. What I do plan on doing is trying to spin more even if it's just 10 minutes daily.

The Matchless DH got me for Christmas / birthday should be here by Monday and I plan to become friendly with double drive since the wheel comes set up in double drive.

Finally, I'd like to wish all my friends, family and anyone who reads my blog a very happy, healthy and properous new year.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Joseph

I can't believe it has been so long since my last post. Where did the month go?

On my refrigerator is a picture of Paul holding Joseph and he could he was able to fit in Paul's arm. Now he's taller than I am. Long gone are the days like this or this or this when I was able to take pictures without much of a hassle. Back in 2006 he was still willingly taking photos. Then he would object but still let me take them.

We brought Joseph over to his grandparents so they could see him on his birthday and we brought along a birthday cake. When I tried to take a picture of the cake I had to sneak a picture of Joseph. He tried covering is face with his hands and stuff so this was all I could get.
I haven't had any cake but my in-laws' said it was delicious.
Sunday was the Pre-Boxing Day sale at The Purple Purl. I could have been much worse and more came home with me than this but this was most of it. The peacock Tanis and purple Fresco are going to become Fiddlehead mittens if I ever get up the courage to knit them. The Step will be socks for my daughter and the Malbrigo will be a cowl for a friend.