Friday, August 03, 2012

It's Been A Rough Road

Today is 3 weeks since my surgery.  Everything was moving along so well and then I hit a snag.  Last Wednesday I developed a fever.  Within hours it was quite high at 105F or 40.5C.  I went to the emergency room at the hospital and was given IV antibiotics and sent home.  The nurse came to the apartment on Thursday and brought a pump for the aministration of more IV antibiotics.  On Friday I went back to the hospital for my appointment at the Plastic's Clinic and the doctor took one look at me and told me I was being admitted.  That was last Friday.  I'm still here but I think things are finally on the upswing.  On Wednesday the doctor inserted a drain to help get rid of the fluids my body produced after the surgery.  It hurt like a mofo and I screeched like a banchee but I survived.  They also started me on another very powerful antibiotic and it seems to be working.  They stopped the first antibiotic today so hopefully everything is under control.

It's a long weekend here in Ontario so when I'll go home is questionable.  I'm hoping for Monday but miracles can happen.

I have been difficult at times here at Scarborough General Hospital but the nurses have been wonderful and from the time of my surgery to today I have received excellent care.  I just am getting impatient at this point and really can't wait to go home.

More to follow as time and health allows.   The post today is possible because I'm feeling a lot better and hubby brought me my iPad so I'm posting from that.


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