Monday, July 09, 2012

And The Journey Continues

As I mentioned in my my post here, I've been on a get healthy journey and am getting pretty close to goal.  When you do the yoyo as much as I have for the last 36 years or so, you end up with some issues.  The biggest issue for me is all the extra skin.  As the plastic surgeon said to me in April, I've "deflated" enough and I can go ahead with surgery.  That day is happening on Friday.  I'm a little nervous but more about the pain I'll experiece after then the actual surgery itself.  I'm having a lot of work done and getting rid of all my "jiggly bits" as I call them.  My bye bye arms are going bye bye along with the extra stuff on my bum, thighs, and chest.  I hate the bye bye arms the most but look forward to being able to exercise without some of the issues I have to deal with when one has so much extra skin.  If all goes as planned I'll only be in the hospital Friday night and then I'll come home on Saturday. I'll post more once I'm feeling up to it after surgery. 


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