Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting Out & About

It's been a busy week.  On Tuesday my friend Robbie and I hung out.  It felt so good.  The last few times I saw him was when I was in the hospital - first after surgery and then when I had the infection.  We met at Scarborough Town Centre and then went to Canadian Tire and finally to Creative for some knit time.

Wednesday I went to the Plastic's Clinic to see the surgeon.  He doesn't seem conerned about the areas on my back that are still so so.  The one he wants to keep an eye on is the left breast so I have to go back again on Wednesday.  It's still draining and has a bit of an abscess going on when squeezed.  I find it uncomfortable.  I use that word because I wouldn't say it's really painful, although I did take 2 extra strength Tylenol yesterday morning because of the discomfort. 

The surgeon informed me yesterday that "Once everything has settled down," he will fix the issue I've had ever since the reconstruction was done years ago and build a nipple on the right "breast" at the same time.  I asked if that could be done in his office and he said no.  It will have to be done in the hospital but it's a procedure that only takes about an hour and I go home the same day.  I am in NO RUSH TO DO THIS RIGHT NOW.  I'm guessing I'll probably do it next spring or summer.  I want to make sure everything has totally settled down before I do anything.

Yesterday the wound treatment nurse came to see me.  Her sole purpose in life is to cut the amount of visits the nurse makes to my place.  She checked the breast and my back and then informed me that the bandages should be changed every other day and not daily.  Therefore I should only shower every other day.  On the days I don't shower I should just sponge bathe.  Well I was told by the surgeon that I need to walk more inorder for the swelling to go down in my left leg.  I've been walking on the treadmill daily and increasing speed and incline as I am able.  I work up a sweat when I'm done and not showering, for me, just isn't an option.  She finally relented and said based on that she will send a report to the surgeon and keep things the way they are for now.  I just hope my body hurries up and heals before I'm told too bad.

I also went to Creative for their knit night last night.  It was nice to be back and see everyone.  I didn't stay until close but I can feel myself getting stronger every day.  I'm thinking I might actually go back to work (even if it's part time) after next week.

On the knitting front I'm working on that left over sock yarn scarf and a pair of slippers.  I'm using Regia sock yarn for the slippers and the pattern is Kate Atherley's Open House Socks.  Progress is slower than I would like but such is life sometimes.


  • At 5:54 p.m., Blogger Carol Mather Miles said…

    Hey, Rochelle!
    Glad to hear you're up and about. And sorry to hear I missed you last week. I hope to see you this week!


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