Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Weekend of Knitting

I managed to get more knitting done this weekend than I anticipated. I finished clue 3 of the Mystery Stole 2, both sides. The pattern is perfect. You can watch TV while you're knitting because even though it isn't mindless knitting it isn't as difficult as some of the Niebling patterns I have done.

When I finished knitting clue 3 I went back to the Pomatomus sock. A friend of mine suggested that I knit the pattern for the cuff only and do st st for the foot. I did that and now I am not sure if I like the way it looks. I just finished the gussett and it looks like the pick up after the heel flap is done is puckering. I believe the pucker might be fixable when I block the socks but I am not sure. I will put it aside for tonight and tomorrow I'll decide if I want to continue or rip it out.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Last night I started another project. That only adds one to the numerous ones I already have on the go. So what else is new for a knitter? I'm knitting the Pomatomus socks. I bought some Austermann Step sock yarn in colour torf. The yarn is really soft. I don't know about the jojoa and aloe vera moisterizing your feet while you wear them but I'll ask my daughter once the socks are done and she is wearing them.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

One of my current projects is the Mystery Stole 2. I just finished clue 2 (both sides). I am using Bluefaced Leichester in blues on 3mm needles. This is the first time I am using this yarn. It is so soft and yummy to work with. I can't wait to see what it is going to look like when all the clues are completed. I believe there will be six clues in total so 2 down and 4 to go.

I went to Bridlewood Mall yesterday. I found 3 knitting books at this booth selling used books. The three books are Big Knits, Knit One Style One, and Fashion Knitting.
Welcome to my new home. I've finally decided to try and jump into blogging. My name is Rochelle. You might be wondering why Yosemite. That's easy. I love Yosemite Sam--the red bearded, very short character from the Bugs Bunny cartoons.