Thursday, May 26, 2011


I have so many projects on the go it isn't even funny. That hasn't stopped me from getting sucked in to even more. I'm taking a glove fitting class at Creative Yarns and was there last week and saw someone close to finishing this lovely Shadow Shawl. I fell in love and had to knit it. I'm using Trekking XXL colour 418 and Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in colour 12171 (a plumy sort of purple). I pretty much have to keep knitting until I reach the end of the first ball. I'm at the point now where it doesn't feel like it's growing much even though I know it is. When this is done there are so many other patterns I want to knit from Wooly Thoughts. Being a huge Dr. Who fan the Dalek and David Tenant/Dr. Who are very high on my list of must do patterns. I think the first one I will do is their free pattern for the Tiger head. Instead of brown and cream I'm thinking of using orange and black.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Two At A Time - I Think I Like This

I've been knitting socks for a long time and never liked knitting two socks at once. I always thought it feels like it took too long. I didn't see progress and just decided it wasn't for me. Fast forward to me trying to knit my sock inside a sock again. I ran into a problem and had to rip back to the end of the cuff and when I picked the stitches back up I decided to continue side by side instead of once inside the other. This is now my third pair knitting two socks at once and I'm quite liking it now. The yarn for these socks is the Fliegende Untertasse (Flying Saucer) by Schoppel-Wolle. Both skeins are dyed at the same time so you can have matching socks. I love the way the designs are lining up on each sock. I finished the heel last night so these socks should be done this weekend.