Sunday, January 10, 2010


I think I'll call her Seraphina. DH really surprised me when he told me to go ahead and order the Matchless wheel I've been lusting after ever since I got Rose, my Ladybug. I ordered her on December 23rd and imagine my surprise when Canada Post delivered her on Sunday January 3rd. I had a day to play before I went back to work. I have to say that this wheel really is a dream. I had tried a Matchless once when I first started spinning and I was less than impressed. I now believe that is because the wheel I tried was an older wheel and I'm guessing not very well maintained. This wheel is smooth as silk. The treadeling is effortless like on the Ladybug but I find the double drive a lot easier to adjust than on the Ladybug. She's set up in double drive right now and I think I will keep her set up in double drive for now anyway.

I finished plying this skein yesterday. The fibre is Fleece Artist merino/silk sliver that I bought from Gemini Fibres. The spinning was done on a combination of the Ladybug and Matchless. When the Matchless came I switched the flyer from the Ladybug to the Matchless and finished the spinning on the Matchless. The plying was done on the Ladybug. I haven't measured WPI yet but it's a lace weight yarn. I still have 50 grams of this fibre left that I've started spinning. We'll see how long it takes to finish. This I'd like to spin and ply completely on the Matchless. I find, so far, that spinning lace is much easier in double drive because there isn't that tug on the singles. In Scotch tension no matter how light I keep the tension there's always a bit of a tug. If I try to lighten the tension anymore there isn't enough tension to wind the yarn onto the bobbins. I think I am going to like spinning laceweight a lot more in double drive than I have with Scotch tension.