Monday, February 02, 2009

Cursed? Yes, Or No....You Decide

This is the story of some lovely grey Jaggerspun Zephyr yarn. It originally was bought my Kimberly to love and knit into something wonderful. She tried and tried and then decided the yarn was cursed. Kind Kimberly decided to pass the yarn on to someone else hoping it would lift the curse.

Enter Maggie who took the yarn from Kimberly hoping to break the curse. But, alas, Maggie decided the yarn was indeed cursed and brought it to Snb hoping once again someone else would be able to lift the curse off this wonderful yarn.

That's when the yarn came to me. I've knit plenty of lace before. I've even used Zephyr before. Surely I would be able to remove the curse. I was going to knit this lovely yarn into a scarf for Kimberly and I was hoping to have it for her as a surprise Christmas gift. Well that was in 2007 and Christmas has come and gone twice.

As I said before, my wonderful husband found this poor project hiding in one of my many knitting bags just waiting to be picked up. Pick it up I did and I finished all the knitting yesterday. You might recall in this post that I mentioned a hole that I noticed when I went to knit the second edging. I still think I must have missed a knot and it came apart. I repaired it or so I thought. Yesterday I threaded string through all the points and then soaked it this morning and pinned it out on the bed. Before I could do much of the pinning I saw THIS.

I am going to guess that the fix I did came undone when I soaked the scarf. How was I so lucky to have something like that happen? I have absolutely no idea. Well I grabbed some yarn and needles before I finished pinning out the scarf and did at least a superficial fix so I could finish blocking it. This is the result. Now I have to look at it carefully and see if I can manage anything better and if not tuck in the ends you see under underneath.

Cursed or not? Like I said, you decide.


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