Monday, December 08, 2008


You know the problem with working on a big project? It takes a while before you can see progress. I was hoping to get the Evergreen section of the Magickal Earth shawl done this weekend. I am now in the middle of the second set of trees so I only have about 12 rounds left before I hit the unicorn section. It doesn't pay to take pictures until the evergreen section is completed.

I think I also had a bit of startitis this weekend. I started two new projects. That's the reason I didn't get the evergreen trees section finish on the shawl. The picture on the left is the first sock from the December Sockamania Club sock. The pattern is called Cables & Lace. Because of the way the heel looks with the cable going all the way down the heel flap, I've decided to do these socks from the top down. I don't usually do that but I am giving it a shot. I'm also using 2.5mm needles right now but I might switch to the 2.75mm needles after I finish the current pattern repeat. The yarn is from Maggie.

On the right is a pattern I found through Ravelry. It's called Shrimy Cowl and it's designed by Sue Adie. I am not sure if there is an error in the pattern or not but I cast on 132 sts and not 131. I also think that even though the pattern states CB4, CF4, from the picture on her bloc I think she did CF4 and then CB4. I am doing it CB4, CF4 and I still like the way it is knitting up.. The yarn is a DK weight Misti Alpaca and it is so soft. I'm just going to keep knitting until the skein of yarn has just enough to cast off and that's it. I should be able to wear it by Wednesday, I hope.

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  • At 8:00 p.m., Blogger Sheila said…

    I have a love-hate relationship with startitis. I love starting new projects but sometimes feel a little guilty about the long suffering project.


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