Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 20 of NaBloPoMo

On Wednesday I received this needle gauge pendant in the mail. I've tried to find it locally and I haven't had any success. It is so cute. I finally caved and ordered it from Robyn's Nest. She had the best price, by far and since I would have had to pay for shipping no matter where I ordered it the $3+ I saved on the pendant helped pay for the shipping. Lavender is my favourite colour so I had to order it in lavender. I have to say I love it and coupled ith the yarn ball and knitting needles pendant I have it is a perfect combination. It hasn't left my neck since the gauge arrived. The only down side is that the chain is too short to be able to check any needle gauges when I am wearing it. I would have to take the necklace off before I could use it. Robyn is having a promotion right now where the first 100 customers will receive a free circular needle. When I received mine with the gauge I thought it was an error. I haven't had a chance to even open the package on the needle so I can't really add anything about the needles.

10 more pattern repeats to go on the border as of last night. I think I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel where this portion of the shawl is concerned. I also almost finished the gusset of the first sock. Once that's done the heel should be done by tomorrow night, I hope. If I can stay awake the border might even be done by the end of the weekend.



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