Monday, November 10, 2008

Day 10 of NaBloPoMo

Today is flue shot day in the Ribeiro household. I know many people don't believe in getting the flu shot. I have a friend that had Guillian-Barre Syndrome (GBS) as a result of a flu shot. I've still been getting the flu shot ever since I had the mastectomy. Joseph hates shots and is not very happy that he has to get the shot. He keeps saying he doesn't get the flu so he doesn't need to get the shot. Oh well, he'll have to get over it.

I had better see some new signatures in Joseph's agenda when he comes home from school today. I don't know what else I can take away from him. I've already taken away his x-box. I've deleted all the games I can from the computer he works on. I've uninstalled MSN Messenger so he can't chat online. Someone I know suggested taking away his favourite food. That's not so easy because Joseph is such a picky eater. I just hope he starts to get serious about his school work. What boggles my mind is that he spends hours at the computer working and yet he isn't handing stuff in. I just don't get it. I asked him what he's working on and he said his inspire stuff. That's for the gifted kids. He's always loved doing the gifted stuff but I told him he has to work on other things too and not just gifted. I've made it very clear that if he isn't caught up and able to stay up to date in all his subjects by the end of this year, I will make arrangements for him to go to a different school in September. So he knows he only has a short while to prove himself.

On the border for the shawl I've managed to complete 29 repeats. I keep trying to get one repeat done per night but I get so tired that I rarely manage to get more than one repeat done during the week and then on the weekend I get around 3 repeats done. Each repeat is 48 rows so it takes a while. I made a mistake when I was knitting at the Purl on Tuesday so I had to rip back an entire repeat. That was so annoying but I'm back on track and that's all that matters. I'll be so happy when the bloody border is complete. I finally had to join the second ball of yarn in the middle of repeat 28. I wind the balls of yarn into a centre pull ball before I start using them because then I don't have a tangled mess when I get to the end of a ball. When I wound another ball yesterday I was not happy to find 4 knots in one 50 gram ball. I can understand one and maybe even tolerate 2 but 4 is just too much.

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