Saturday, November 01, 2008

NaBloPoMo Begins

It's hard to believe it's already November. I tried NaBloPoMo last year but I wasn't officially signd up. This year I've officially signed up and maybe it will be what I need to get back into posting more regulary.

Lots has happened since my last post. It's been trying times. Teenagers can be a challenge. Joseph is having his challenges with the "self directed learning" that is Mary Ward. I came down on him hard this week when I found out he hasn't exactly been forthcoming with his units. Paul and I are meeting h is TA on Monday and he has until Monday to make sure he is all caught up. Unit 4 is due this week as well and now that I have a better understanding of how things work I will be able to monitor him more closely to make sure he doesn't fall behind again.
I wish people would just GET A DAMN JOB instead of trying to defraud people out of their meager earnings. Last Saturday I found out my bank card had been compromised YET AGAIN!! The thing I find so frustrating about all this is that when it happens they don't tell you where it is you used your card that the compromising took place. They claim they don't know. The police don't tell them because it might hamper the police investigation. Well I am sick and tired of having my bank card compromised. It has happened too many times and this time they actually managed to get money out of my account even though I ALWAYS protect my pin. When I went to get my card replace, yet again, the asshole at the bank told me "if it is happening to you so many times maybe you should stop using it where it is being compromised." Well I would asshole if I knew where that place was. I don't use the card at the gas station. I stopped that the first time it happened. I don't use it at random ATM machines. I only use it at the bank machine when I make a deposit. I'm beginning to believe that is where it is happening.
Yesterday I received a phone call from a credit card company telling me about a platinum Master Card and she asked me to verify my address. No problem there. When she asked me to verify my date of birth I said nope. She thought I was nuts. I told her I have had enough of fraud and there is no way I am confirming any personal information. She said that she could guarantee she is legit and give me a number where I could call her back. I told her to forget it and anything she had for me she could send in the mail. There was no way I was going to confirm anything for her and then I hung up the phone.

On the knitting front, for the first time in a very long time I finished the October Sockamania club socks on time. This pattern is called Scroll Socks. The socks are knit from the toe up even though the pattern was written cuff down. I used Patons Stretch Socks in the mineral colourway and 2mm needles. This is the second time I've used this yarn and I am surprisingly pleased with it. I'm not a fan of most things Patons these days especially their sock yarn because I feel the Kroy pills to easily. I washed the other pair I knit once and it bounced back to it's shape rather nicely and looked ok after the washing.

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