Thursday, August 14, 2008

Progress Is Slow

This is the flower basket shawl all done and open. The second picture shows the second one. I've gotten much further along now but I haven't had a chance to take more pictures. I just joined the 3rd skein of yarn this morning so I should, hopefully, have all the knitting done by Saturday morning. It's funny how the colour on the second one looks so much different than the first and it's the same yarn and same dyelot. I guess it's the lighting in the room.

See what happens when you have to work? The second shawl is not moving along as quickly as the first. By the time I actually get to sit down and knit at night I am so tired that not much knitting happens. I try and get some knitting time in before work but my fingers tend to go numb if I knit in the morning. I don't have that problem in the evening. I think it's because my fingers are all warmed up from all the typing I do at work.

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  • At 7:56 a.m., Blogger Michelle said…

    As usual the shawl looks amazing. You are so talented. I miss you. Hope to see you soon.


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