Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another Year Over

I can't believe it's been two full years since I started this blog. The time just seems to fly by.

Yesterday I had the spinning wheel class at the Purple Purl. It was great just like to spindle class. I have to say that anyone that has a chance to take a class with Lorraine I would jump at the opportunity. Now I look forward to taking her next class sometime in September, I think. That's going to be on carding. I look forward to a plying class she might do as well.

I'm still plugging away on the Tour de Fleece challenge. I finished the third bobbin of the Cotton Candy today and am now working on the last bobbin. I hope I can get to plying by Thursday at the very latest.

I did a little tour of my own yesterday of downtown Toronto. I needed to go to this shoe store on Yonge street to bring in my Birkenstocks for repair. I google mapped it out and was all ready. Well I don't drive downtown much. I just figured that it would be better for me to go from The Purl than from home since I was almost halfway there. Downtown is way too confusing for me and busy beyond belief. No wonder I don't drive there on a regular basis. I took Danforth and that eventually because Bloor St. E. The construction sort of made things a little more difficult and my sense of direction stinks. I figured Bloor should be close to Yonge. That was my first mistake. I should have stuck to the maps I had. Well I did some driving around and finally managed to get somewhere that had a sign for Bayview and I took Bayview north until I found Merton and then I knew where I was. I actually don't mind when these things happen because it's how I learn my way around. The only down side is how hot it was.

Not much knitting has gone on around here lately. As I said, it's been way too hot.. Can you believe that I brought zero, none, nada, knitting with me to the Purl yesterday? It was so odd sitting there after the class with no knitting to work on. I don't think I will ever do that again. I should have at least brought socks. I have the Noro socks on the needle but I haven't touched those in a very long time either. I'm going to get some knitting in this afternoon when the laundry is getting done.

Teena in Toronto, thank you so much for the blogoversary wishes.

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