Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spindles Anyone?

Yesterday I went to the Purple Purl for a spindle spinning class with Lorraine Smith. The class was lots of fun and thank you to Jennifer at the Purl for still holding the class even after the flooding that took place on Tuesday. I learned so much in a short time and I can't wait for the wheel class that is taking place this coming Saturday. I just need to decide which wheel to bring.

Two new spindles found their way into my bag today. In my defense, I haven't bought new spindles in a long time. They are both Houndesign spindles.

These lovelies only come in two different kinds for a top whorl spindle, the Dervish and the Lace. I bought one of each. The top one is the Dervish spindle. It's 30 grams and it's Canary wood. The Lace is Padauk wood and it weighs 13 or 14 grams. I love the colour of that wood. I have about 3 or 4 spindles from that wood. I also love the little hounds on the underside of all their spindles.

I stuck around The Purl until just after 6 but not much knitting got done. It was just way too hot to work on the alpaca Forest Path Stole. I tried but I started falling asleep and had to put it aside. I'm still almost done with tier 16.

The spinning is coming along as well. I am almost done with the second bobbin in the Tour de Fleece challenge. I should start plying by tomorrow.

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  • At 10:41 a.m., Blogger Dreams of Yarn said…

    Good for you for doing the Tour de Fleece, I just couldnt get my act together to participate.

  • At 3:34 p.m., Anonymous Lorraine said…

    Thanks for the kind feedback on the workshop. You ladies were such a great class to teach! I'm glad a few new spindles found you--they look like good ones to have handy.

    See you soon! Happy Spinning! L:


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