Sunday, November 09, 2008

Day 9 of NaBloPoMo

It's finally happened. Paul has joined the unwanted club of having his bank card compromised. He tried to use it at the bank on Friday and it wouldn't work. Off we went to the bank yesterday so he could get a replacement card. Nothing was taken this time but I sure am getting very tired of this. I've said it before and I'll say it again, GET A DAMN JOB AND LEAVE HONEST HARD WORKING PEOPLE ALONE!!!!! The people at the bank have said that with the chip card coming soon (I hope) the criminals are trying to get as much as they can before the card is available everywhere.

From the bank we went to get Joseph winter boots. He hates shopping and trying to get him to cooperate can be a challenge. To his credit, he did try on tons of boots but we couldn't find anything that was ok in the leg and ok in the foot. Paul is going to check at the Eaton Centre on Monday to see if they have the right size now that he knows which boot Joseph liked and what size he needs.

We usually do our laundry on the weekends at my in-laws. It's been this way ever since we moved into this apartment over 13 years ago. This way my in-laws get to see Joseph ever week and we don't need to use public machines. After the bank and boot shopping we went to do the laundry. It was really nasty and rainy by the time we were done. What a contrast from the weather earlier this week. Now I am looking at the long range and it looks like we are supposed to get rain or snow most of this coming week. I guess that's the price you pay for weather in the teens to 20 (50s or 60s for you Fahrenheit people) this time of year. You have to suffer with nasty weather as a follow-up.

With the sale of the Louet Victoria I took the opportunity to order some extras for my wheels. The order has shipped and I am hoping it should arrive by Friday. I'll show the goodies when they get here.



  • At 1:17 p.m., Blogger Maggie said…

    Oh no! What a hassle with your bank cards. :(

    Alex isn't getting winter boots this year. At least, not the kind he's gotten in the past. He wants Doc Martens. I'm okay with shelling out for those because it would seem like his foot isn't going to keep growing much more. Hopefully size 13 is it for him!

    I can't believe you're making me wait to find out what you got for your wheels!


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