Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 14 of NaBloPoMo

Tomorrow The Purple Purl will be one year old. Lise and Robbie came up with a brilliant idea of chipping in and getting Miko and Jennifer a birthday present. So a bunch of us chipped in and bought Miko and Jennifer Nancy's Knit Knacks Heavy Duty Ball Winder. Since the Purl will be so busy tomorrow, Lise decided it would be best to give them the ball winder tonight. Here is the evening in pictures.

Happy Birthday to The Purple Purl. Miko and Jennifer I wish you both continued success. You have brought joy into so many people's lives. Thank you for everything.

Emily and her newborn daughter. She is so adorable. She's only a week old.
I haven't seen Ramona since her wedding in August. It was great seeing her. I hope it's not so long before we get to see each other again.
Jennifer with Morgana.

Lise and Robbie come in with the surprise gift. Sorry all the other pictures were very blurry.

Jennifer lost it first as she read the card we all signed.
Thank you Lise & Robbie for putting all this together.
Miko finally lost it too. Happy tears are always the best kind.
Kerri knit these dolls. The purple dress is Miko and the blue dress is Jennifer.

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may you have many more to come.



  • At 11:19 p.m., Blogger Sheila said…

    wow, what a nice thing to do for your favorite shop and friends. I have to say, you were right, lace knitting is addictive.


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