Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Look what the postman brought me today. Isn't it just adorable? Those of you that know me, know I am already a big fan of the mini sock blocker keychains that you see on the right. I gave them to my snb group one year and I give them as a little something extra when I send a package, like the ISE5 exchange. Well, Debbie, at Felt Up Designs has changed her name and is know Knitcellaneous. When I went to the new site and saw Sparkle I knew I had to have him. I would have gotten Flash, the full size sock blocker peacock but size, space, and cost said no. This one isn't very expensive and it's not very big so I broke down and ordered it. Hey the Canadian dollar is higher than I've ever seen it since I came to Canada in 1992 so how could I not get it right? Now all I have to do is finish the sock I'm working on so I can dress this guy. I'll take pictures once he is no longer naked.

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  • At 4:41 p.m., Anonymous shannon said…

    OMG how freakin cute is he?? ADORABLE, cant wait to see how you decide to dress him

  • At 4:54 p.m., Blogger kimbelina said…

    Sparkle is too cute! *adds Sparkle to wish list*

  • At 5:58 p.m., Blogger tonni said…

    LOVE Sparkle!!! I've bought her mini sock blockers, but will have to take a look at what she offers now... precious!!!

  • At 12:28 a.m., Anonymous sydney said…

    Oh, Sparkle is so cute! I might have to add that to my Christmas wish list.


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