Thursday, November 08, 2007

Another One Bites The Dust Finally!

These socks are FINALLY an FO!!!! The stitch pattern is from the More Sensational Knitted Sock book and I did the same construction I do with 99% of the socks I knit. I started the first sock so long ago I can't even remember. Then I got side tracked and did a ton of other projects. When I finally went back to the first sock and finished it, I couldn't find the second ball of yarn. While looking for something else, as is usually the case, I found the second ball. I've been so sick of these socks, for some reason, that progress has been slow. Well I can finally say they are all done and now I have to find someone who they will fit so I can get them out of my site. I love knitting socks and I have not had a pair of socks be such a chore to knit as these were. Maybe it's the stitch pattern. I don't really know. I do know I am glad they are done.

Tonight was night two of high school open house. The first one I didn't go do. It was Tuesday night, and there really wasn't anywhere to park my car, so I went off to my snb. I did stay at the event tonight. We have one more to go to on Tuesday and then Joseph has a very short time to decide what high school he wants to go to. Applications must be in no later than November 23rd and Joseph said his teacher wants them handed in by November 19th. I know which school I want him to go to and I highly doubt he will choose that school. So then the question is do you force or not. I am leaning towards not forcing because when he chose the current school after grade 6 he was very happy in his decision and has enjoyed grade 7 and so far grade 8, despite the teacher problems, more than he did grades 2-6. I'll wait until after the third school has their open house and then we'll have a discussion on his options.

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