Monday, November 05, 2007

November 5th Already?

It is unbelievable to me that more than a week has flown by since I last posted. I know that November is National Blog Posting Month and here it's November 5th and this is my first post. In my defense, I guess life has been way too hectic. I'm working on something that I can't really blog about right now but I'll have more about that later in the year.

Saturday was the most fun day. I met Shannon early in the morning and headed up to Gemini Fibres for their carding class. The instructor was Wendy Whelan. I've had the privilege to take a few of her classes and they are always great. Shannon is all set and ready to go. Always bubbly and always fun. It was great having her along in the car for the drive back and forth. Thank you Shannon for joining me.

Amazing Maggie met us at Gemini. I am in such awe of her talents. Her spinning is amazing. I can't even put into words how wonderful she is at dyeing fibre and yarn. Once again, she didn't disappoint at the class. She did an amazing job of blending her colours.

Speaking of blending, look at all the colours. There was a cool set and warm set of red, yellow, and blue that we used to blend and make other colours. 50% red and 50% yellow, weighed to make sure they weighed the same, and blended to make orange, etc. We did a colour triangle of 9 colours and we had white and black to make tints and shades. Once I get my triangle together I'll post pictures. Don't hold your breath. Too much in the wings that has to get done first.

I also managed to buy the last thing I wanted to send to my ISE5 partner and another goodie for my SP11 partner while at Gemini. I am hoping that package to my ISE5 partner will go out tomorrow. Now I just have to find a box to put everything in. The package for my SP11 partner has to go out a little later in the month. This is the big reveal package so I hope she will be happy with all my choices. I have one more thing to pick up, hopefully tomorrow, and then that package will be ready to go as well.

On the non knitting front, the doctor changed the antibiotics. I've been taking Sulfatrim since the end of June. I guess the infection isn't clearing up as quickly as the doctor would like so he's switched me to Macrobid. I HATE that stuff. I am struggling with it but it's only been a day and a half and I am hoping my system will adjust. On a positive note, I'm not paying homage to the porcelain queen like I did the first and only time I took this stuff about 14 years ago. It has made me more dizzy but so did the Sulfatrim and that got better in a few days. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the same will happen with the new stuff.

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  • At 4:37 p.m., Anonymous Shannon said…

    I had so much fun with you and Maggie, lets do it again soon!! You gals are so fun to spend time with

  • At 2:36 a.m., Blogger Sheila said…

    Sounds like you had a great time. Hope your infection starts clearing up. Antibiotics can play havoic on your stomach!


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