Friday, October 12, 2007

Unravelling Puzzles

I've been hearing and seeing pictures of the Mountain Ash Shawl for quite some time. I joined the Yahoo group and finally caved and bought the book. When I ordered the book, I couldn't just order one so I went through the books that Marsha has at The Needle Arts Book Shop. After much consideration, I ordered the Let's Knit Series 3 and Series 11 at the same time I ordered the New Style of Heirloom Knitting. (No affiliation just a satisfied customer). I received the books on Tuesday and ever since I've become obsessed with this scarf pattern in Let's Knit Series 3. It is on page 25. I joined the Knitting in Japan Yahoo group and I am now trying to unravel the puzzle that is this scarf. I would like to make it for the ISE5 partner. That's if I ever figure it out. I understand the charts now. It's how to get from chart b to c that will be the challenge, I think. I've started knitting a sample out of some scrap yarn I have in the house to see if I can figure out the construction. This is SO MUCH FUN it should be illegal. I just love a challenge. I just hope I can figure it out soon or I might just lose my mind. Thank you to everyone on the Yahoo group that is helping me unravel the puzzle.



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