Friday, October 05, 2007

I Love Long Weekends

TGIF!! It's not just any TGIF. We're heading into a long weekend. Monday is Thanksgiving here in Canada. I look so forward to the day off but I also know the weekend will go by much too quickly.

On Wednesday I was waiting for the fast whorl to arrive for my Little Gem. As luck would have it, I received 3 sets of stitch markers in the mail on Wednesday so there was no room in the box for the whorl. I picked that up at the post office yesterday after work. I have to say it is such a huge difference when you are trying to spin fine. I don't have to treadle like mad now. I'm still getting used to it but I am happy I finally have it.

For the stitch markers, just look at the great sets I received. The uppermost markers are from Marion. They made their way all the way from Amsterdam!! I just love the colours. The markers look fantastic. On the left are the markers from Liz. They made their way to me from the UK. Oh and she sent this cute little button Cadbury chocolates. I have never seen those here in Canada. Joseph will enjoy those. Last, but by no means least, I received markers from Michelle in British Columbia. Her daughter helped her make them. Originally, I thought she had coloured them but she not only coloured them she also drew the pictures. They are shrinky dinks. I never would have thought of that for stitch markers but they are fantastic!

Have a great weekend everyone. I look forward to being with family and getting some spinning time in. I want to finish the green fibre and then move onto something else. I also have at least one Sweet Dreams Baby Blanket I need to make. I might have two but I am not sure about the second one yet. One is for a baby that is due in November - 9 weeks to be exact. This is unexpected knitting but I will get it done even if it is finished after the baby is born.

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