Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stress & Harmony

Tuesdays this year are going to be a challenge. You see my son goes to a different school 1 day a week. This has been going on since grade 5 . He was tested in grade 4 and accepted into the gifted program. This year his gifted day is on Tuesday. It is going to be a pain every other Tuesday when I have my snb. The gifted school is blocks from where I go for my snb. I hate having to go back and forth there twice on the same day. On top of that. no matter what school he goes to, right now there is construction everywhere. The drive to gifted is longer than the drive to his home school. That makes it more stressful for me to drive there and get back to where I work before 9.

Today I received two orders in the mail that should help with my stress levels today. First I received my fibre order from Crown Mountain. The colourful fibre is Corriedale dyed pencil roving in Tibetan Dreams. The fibre on the left is a merino/tencel 30/70 blend in peacock. In the picture it looks a lot more gray than the actual colour.

Second, I got my Knit Picks Harmony needles. Of course I couldn't wait to try the needles. I have my Sockamania September sock with me so I quickly took the 2 mm needle and switched the regular Options needle to the Harmony. First impression, after knitting the cuff on the sock, I love these things. The join is as smooth as the regular Options and the cords are the same purple cords I've come to know and love. Why is it that Knit Picks can make such fantastic needles with joins that are smooth as silk and other companies haven't been able to do it? I know Addi had the bamboo but, to be honest, I never got around to trying them and they're no longer available. The Harmony needles are the answer to a prayer from someone that was going nuts trying to find sock bamboo needles to use with the Tofutsie yarn. (I tried the Crystal Palace and hated them.) I'm just finished with the first of my Sockamania socks and once this pair is finished I will re-knit my Campanula. I ended up ripping the entire sock, washed the yarn while on my PVC noddy and it is now in a centre pull ball waiting to be knit again.

I took a picture of the needles on top of the felted bag so you can get a better idea of how much the bag shrunk when it was felted. I used it today to carry the sock I was working on and it really is just the perfect size.

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