Sunday, August 26, 2007

Love At Second Spin?

I briefly tried the Little Gem last night and I was liking her but I wasn't loving her. I was not caring for the delta flyer and I had quite the time getting the bottom band connected. I was way to tired and I probably shouldn't have even tried last night but I couldn't resist.

I woke up this morning and I gave it another whorl. Tweaking the tension is tricky. The slightest turn makes a difference but I find that a good thing. The adjustments on the Joy were quite different but I think I like it on the Gem better. I think I've finally got the tension where I like it for this fibre.

This is what I've managed to spin this morning. It is pretty fine and I am not having the problem, so far, that I had with the Joy of it being under spun. I'm getting used to the delta flyer. I didn't like it at all last night but today it's working just fine. I am going to order the Woolee Winder at some point and I just have to decide if I want to get the delta orifice or the regular orifice. I'll play more before I make my decision.

All in all I have to say that this wheel and I will become great friends. I find it much easier to start after stopping and I really am not having difficulty with the wheel going backwards when I want to restart. I look forward to many hours of spinning. Now all I have to do is make/find the time.


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