Saturday, August 18, 2007

Socks, Socks, And More Socks

This must be the week of socks. I feel like that's all I've been knitting lately, except for the Mystery Stole 3. On the left you see the Spiralling Socks. It's the August socks from the Sockamania Club. I knit them for my partner in the Howarts Sock Swap 2. I love the pattern and the next time I knit them I will use a less busy yarn so the pattern will show through better. The yarn used is Elann Esprit and the colour is Caribbean Surf. I used 2 50 gram balls. One of each sock.

On the right is my start to the Campanula for the Cure sock. The yarn is Tofutsie in Light Foot. I really don't like this yarn. That surprises me because when I bought my first ball of this stuff I was excited to try it. Of course if I had I would never have bought this colour and I would have chosen a different yarn for these socks. I find the fingering weight to be on the lighter side and I don't like the twist of the yarn. It is not twisted enough and the yarn splits rather easily, especially with the Knit Picks needles. I will get the sock done but I doubt I will be buying more of this yarn.

I had planned on going to Laurie at The Black Lamb today but I wasn't feeling up to it. It's been a rather crappy day. I am hoping for better tomorrow so I can go to Laurie and then up to Maggie.


  • At 11:39 a.m., Anonymous Stashaholic said…

    Funny - different strokes and all that - I love the Tofutsies. Yes it is thinner. It feels more like cotton when you're working on it.

    I'm also knitting in on bamboo instead of the knitpicks. It made a big difference to me when I switched. I find sock yarn is very demanding as to which needles it wants to be knit on - more than "normal" yarn.

    If nothing else, your socks for the cure will have great medicinal value to the wearer

  • At 6:44 p.m., Anonymous Shannon said…

    You may not be in love with the yarn, but your Campanula socks look like they are off to a great start! I really like the color and that pattern together!!

  • At 8:09 p.m., Blogger Pirk said…

    I bought that Tofu yarn, too, but haven't done anything with it yet.
    I bought Lanett yarn for the KAL for Campanula socks. The color dar pink.

    I have not started yet, because my brain will not co-operate with my needles to make the toe. Somebody has to SHOW me how to do it.


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