Friday, August 03, 2007


You know the saying time flies? I really believe that sometimes. What was yesterday's date? Couldn't possibly be August 2nd could it? The day that everyone was supposed to mail out the socks to their sockapalooza pal? Nah, that couldn't possibly be. I've had my socks ready since June!! You'd think since I knit them so long ago I would KNOW it was time to get them mailed out? But NOOOOO. That would have been too easy. Last week I even said that I have to mail my socks next week. I'm going to blame it all on the heat. I forgot to bring the socks with me to work yesterday so I could take them to the post office after work. My socks went out a day late. I am sorry to sockapalooza pal, I really am. The socks are, however, on their way and I am told it should be a week to 10 days getting there. Of course, Monday is a holiday here in Ontario so the mail won't be moving anywhere that day. I'm hoping my pal has them by 2 weeks from today and they fit alright.


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