Saturday, July 14, 2007

Flowers, Mysteries and Blues

I went to Lettuce Knit this morning. I wanted to get the Tulip sweater in the new colours. The original colours won't be available until September. Never underestimate the power of The Yarn Harlot. This is a picture from their new newsletter. When I got home I realized the Tulip pattern can be done in different sizes. Since Elisheva was so big at birth, I would prefer to make a larger size. However, the kit is for 6-9 months. I spoke with Megan and I am going to get a full ball of another colour that will go well with this colour scheme and add stripes in that colour and then use that colour for the borders and bands.

I started clue 3 last night. I am having a much easier time with the beads this time than I did before. I think I am finally getting the hang of it. I use the Susan Bates hook .9mm if the beads fit through the head of the hook. If it doesn't I use the Boye .85mm hook. It is working out very nicely. I love the way the pattern is coming along (sorry for the blurry picture). The next clue might be longer than 50 rows because there won't be a clue on the 27th because of the release of the new Harry Potter book on the 21st. I've pre-ordered the book but it will be sent to my work address so I won't get it until Monday. That will give me the time to finish clue 4 over the weekend.

I also bought 2 skeins of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock lightweight yarn. The colourways are Minestrone and Mystic Kelp. I had ordered 2 skeins directly from Blue Moon but I had them sent to my daughter since I thought I was going there for the first week of July. Since I didn't get down there I decided to get two more colours. I am trying to get colours that are a little different than I usually get. I tend to gravitate towards blues and purples. These have blue but browns and greens as well. The yardage is about the same as the Lucy Neatby yarn and it looks like it is the same weight. That is a little heavier than I usually use for socks but I love the way the Serpentine socks are coming along so I think I will pick one colour to use for my August socks.


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