Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Treadling Along

I've been keeping to my commitment for the Tour de Fleece and spinning a minimum of 1 hour per day. Yesterday was a challenge for sure. I've been battling the dizzy factor of late. The labrynthitis is rearing it's ugly head again and, I believe, it is because of the side affect of the antibiotics I'm taking for the kidney infection. The heat was oppressive yesterday and I was very tempted to not spin at all. I did in the end because if I didn't yesterday I would use the same excuse today and possibly tomorrow. I love the way the fleece is coming out. I am almost done with the first bobbin. This bobbin will be done today and the second half of the fleece will be started on a second bobbin. I'm pretty confident I will start the second bobbin tonight.

I have some decisions I need to make. I saw that the Woolee Winder is now available for the Louet Victoria. I want it A LOT but I also want the lace flyer (or whatever it is called) when that comes out from Louet. If I get the lace flyer, which is one of the reasons I bought the Victoria to begin with, the Woolee Winder will not have the same higher ratios. That makes me not want to bother with the winder until I see if he will do something for the higher ratios once Louet releases the flyer. I'm torn because I have to decide on which wheel I want to sell, the Joy or the Victoria. I love both wheels so the decision isn't an easy one. I'm leaning towards selling the Joy. I have the Woolee Winder for the Joy even though I love the wheel, the ratios are fixed and no way to get a higher ratio. I will eventually have the Little Gem and if I sell one I can get the Little Gem that much quicker. Decisions, decisions. I can't decide right now. It's too hot and I can't think so I will just leave it for another time.


  • At 8:38 a.m., Anonymous Shannon said…

    Why are you selling one of your Wheels ? Why not keep and love them both!!


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