Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hello, Goodbye

Today I was lucky enough to tag along with Maggie and her husband when they went to The Black Lamb. Laurie is really just an amazing person and wonderful to deal with. I said goodbye to my Ashford Joy and hello to my new Majacraft Little Gem II. (picture to the left is from the Majacraft website). I can't wait to play with her and I have to figure out a name. I'll think about it for a little while and if I can't come up with anything I might do a contest of some sort.

Now it's off to bed because I am exhausted after the long day. THANK YOU MAGGIE!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!


  • At 9:24 p.m., Anonymous Stashaholic said…

    I'm so happy you finally got your Gem - I'm sure you'll love it - I know I wouldn't trade mine for the whorl...get it? LOL

  • At 10:06 p.m., Blogger MezzoDiva said…

    CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you! I know you will have much joy of your new gem.


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