Thursday, September 06, 2007


I know I haven't posted in a while. Back to school has me in a tizzy. Joseph has an unexpected new teacher this year and he isn't happy about it at all. As he said, his old teacher was the teacher that every student in the school wants for a teacher. He moved to grade 5/6 from 7/8 because of personal reasons. Whereas the old teacher was fun and made learning fun, the new teacher seems to run her class like boot camp. Of course it is only day 3 so I am hoping things will get better.

On the knitting front, nothing has taken place since the weekend. I got the new pattern for the Sockamania Club. IF I knit this sock it is going to be changed. The pattern is "x" and "o". It's sort of fairisle with the X and O being done in a different colour. I DON'T do colour knitting. I can't stand it. I've tried it, it's not fun for me so I don't stress about it and just don't do it. So if I knit these socks I am going to do the chart in purl sts instead of fairisle. Now I just have to figure out a yarn that might show off the pattern if I do it that way.

On the spinning front, I've finished the first skein of yarn on the Little Gem. I just have to give it a bath. My Woolee Winder has been shipped and I should have that by the end of the month, for sure. I'm going to Kitchener/Waterloo on Saturday for the Knitter's Fair. I'm going to get the fast whorl for the Little Gem and look at some spindles and hopefully just unwind from a very hectic and stressful week.


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