Friday, August 31, 2007

Sock Wars

I missed out on Sock Wars I. I don't intend to miss out this time. I've already signed up. Julie has all the information on how to sign up here. Signups end October 1, 2007. Information will be email October 13th. It will be interesting to see how long I last. When I tried to join the fastest knitter I was knocked out in the first round. It was a colour pattern and I don't really knit colours unless they are stripes.

On a totally different subject, I also need some help with anyone that knows anything about html. I tried changing the font colour on the header for "Campanula for the Cure" and "Click here to fund free mammograms" on my sidebar. In Internet Explorer it shows pink as it should. In Firefox it only shows pink when I am editing the template and I click on "preview". Is this something I just have to learn to deal with or is there something I can do? I did "font color="#ff0066"" and then "/font" at the end. I can't figure out why Firefox will only show the colour change in the preview. In the sample I have here I have replace the <> with "" because when I tried to have them in it would just change the font colour for two words and not show the code.

Thanks for any help. It's greatly appreciated.


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