Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What To Do?

Tonight was the last of the open houses for high school. The application has to be handed in next week. I must admit that I am very prejudice about the school we went to tonight. I don't like it. I don't want Joseph going there. I wasn't impressed at all with the place. I probably wasn't impressed because I don't want Joseph going there. Why, you might ask. Paul's niece and 2 nephews went there and none of them graduated. The way the school is set up is totally different. It isn't structured at all. You learn at your own pace. If you decide to slack off you'll pay by, most likely, not finishing. Joseph, in my opinion, is the type of child that needs more structure. This school doesn't have that at all. He decides what classes he wants to take on a given day. He checks in when he gets to school but there isn't attendance taken in the classroom.

The school he went to last week I was thinking would be alright. Then I started hearing things about this school. One of the teacher's at Joseph's current school has a son in the same class as Joseph. She told me the other night she wouldn't send her son to that school because she is afraid he would get beat up. The kids say the school is a gang school. So that leaves me with the choice I wanted all along. The question is, do I force Joseph to go there or not? The kids say it's a "gay" school because it's an all boys school. Aside from the school having a great learning reputation, the fact that it is an all boy school is an added plus, if you ask me. If you ask the kids, it's a definite minus. Of course, as they told us at the open house last Thursday, the parents don't realize there is an all girl school down the road so even if the kids are not in the classroom together they are not worlds apart. I am torn. I really haven't got a clue what is the right thing to do anymore. Decisions, decisions. Choice isn't always a good thing.

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