Saturday, November 10, 2007


I've started my Ripples sock, the November sock from the Sockamania Club. There isn't much progress but here is what I've done so far. The pattern is done cuff down so I've changed it to toe up. I don't usually do top down socks anymore because when I do kitchener stitch my hands hurt. I can't explain why that is, it just is. The yarn is hand dyed yarn from Maggie at Dyed In The Wool Handmade. It's called Hanging Baskets. So far, I am very pleased with the way they are working up and they are so soft. I might have a problem knitting some other sock yarn in my stash now.

Last night was Friday night and I'm trying to go back to Friday night spinning. Not a heck of a lot of spinning went on here last night. I was so tired I conked out in my chair after just a piddly little amount of spinning was done. I'm going to spin this morning instead of knitting to make up for lost time. I'm off to Mt. Albert and Keswick later today. I have a lazy kate to pick up at Gemini Fibres and then off to Maggie's for more goodies.

Shannon has blogged about her colour triangle from our carding class. Boy does it look good. I have to get my ass into gear and get mine done. Maybe I'll manage that this weekend.

Life is way too busy these days - open houses for high schools, confirmation meetings that were just a waste of time. I tell you I'll be a complete nut job (more than I already am) by the time this school year is over and done with. Then I get to have fun dealing with Joseph in high school. I'm still not ready for that but it's coming ready or not and will be here before I turn around, YIKES!

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