Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Playing The Waiting Game

I don't have any news to report on the health issues. I went for the pelvic ultrasound on Monday and I go back to the doctor on Monday for the results. I spoke to the doctor after I finished the test (the lab and her office are in the same building) and she told me if she gets results earlier she will call me and let me know. The back pains are coming and going and everytime it is better I think I must have passed the problems and that's it for now. Then the pain comes back so I guess this will take a while. I just keep drinking like a fish and I will have another ultrasound in a few months to see if everything is gone. I'll just have to wait it out and pray things don't get caught where they shouldn't be.

On the knitting front, I've made some progress on the Forest Path Stole. I even took the project with me to our snb last night. I am more and more comfortable working with the linen and when it is done and washed I believe it will just bloom. The project is getting a nicer feel to it the more the yarn is handled. Since I'm working from the cone it will be a lot of fun to see what it will be like once it's washed. (Can you tell I didn't do a swatch and treat it like I would the finished project?) I'm now on tier 7 and rolling along. I almost had a horrible disaster that I was thankfully able to fix. When I was doing the last rectangle on tier 6 I noticed I had dropped a stitch on the right triangle from tier 5. I wasn't about to rip back 2 tiers. Michelle had a crochet hook last night and I was able to pick up the end stitch that dropped and was happily on my way once again. I was prepared to fudge it if I needed to but I don't see any difference. Progress will slow some once the knit off starts. I'm still waiting for details on that. All I know right now is I have to use 4mm needles.


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