Friday, February 09, 2007

Uncle Uncle

I have knit the Forest Path Stole before when it first came out in Interweave Knits. There is a KAL going on that I wanted to join. I am so busy with other stuff I thought I would have to forget about it and I didn't bother to put the button or anything on my sidebar. I've been reading the posts to the blog and I can't take it anymore so I cry uncle and will cast on tonight. I did some spinning on Wednesday so I will not spin tonight and get started on this.

When I finished the FPS I was going to knit another one right away in a pale pink yarn but I've changed my mind. Since I am knitting from my stash this year, I have a 100% linen cone that I will be using for the pattern this time. The inside of the cone says Crystal Palace Yarns and the colour is Jade. I must have bought it from Elann or I got it on ebay some years ago. I've had it for quite sometime. I'll just split up the knitting - one night working on the blanket and one night working on the stole. It should help with the boredom of doing the second blanket in a row.

I went back to The Knitting Basket this afternoon. I still am not sure if the yarn I bought for the blanket is going to be enough. I know the yarn is now discontinued and Farida only had 3 balls left. I was going to wait to buy another ball until I was sure but I was afraid she would sell out. With my luck I would be doing the cast off and run out of yarn on the last row. I didn't want to take that chance so I picked up one more ball and if I have enough I will either exchange it or knit a sweater, hat, and booties, or knit whatever I have enough yarn for.

On the spinning front, I finished all of the fibre I was spinning last weekend. I had to test out the Woolee Winder and I love it. The spinning and plying is so much easier I can't believe the difference. I also was able to fit all of the plied yarn onto one bobbin. I am not sure that would have been the case with the other bobbin. I ended up with 225 grams and approximately 1,022 yards. I am guessing that is pretty close to fingering weight since I get about 200 yards to 50 grams when I buy sock yarn. That would be about 4 yrds per gram and this yarn works out to about 4.54 yards to the gram.

Well it's off to cast on for the FPS. I'll take pics of the progress.


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