Sunday, February 04, 2007


It is amazing to me how different I feel when I don't seem to get time to knit or spin. As I mentioned before, I did not have time to knit or spin since Tuesday. By the time I got home from work yesterday I felt like a complete mess. We were going to go over to my in-laws but since Paul and Joseph weren't feeling to well we decided to stay home.

Out came the wheel. I haven't had time to spin, wheel or spindle, for almost 2 weeks so I wanted to spin more than knit. This is what I manage to work up between last night and today. I still have one more skein I want to spin and then this bag of pencil roving will be completely spun. I think that's a first for me. By first I mean actually spinning all I have of a particular roving.

I think each skein comes out better than the one before. The skeins are balanced. There was no twist of the skeins when I took them off the noddy. The plying is so much better. I found 1 spot where I missed a little curl that got through but I will deal with that when I am knitting. Now all it needs is a bath and I'll figure out what the weight is. I still think I am getting mostly between dk and fingering with a bit of lace mixed it. I just have to get enough guts to try and spin it so fine that it looks like the thread will break and trust that it won't. I was afraid that those thin spots I had would break when I was plying and I didn't have any breakage at all when I plied this time. I think I will try that when I am ready to spin the silk. I am just not confident enough to tackle it yet. I am thinking I will wait until I have my wheel class before I spin either the silk hankies I have or the dyed silk roving I got from Joybilee Farm. That should happen sometime in the spring. Since it's already Februrary (where did January g0?) spring is just around the corner. It's so cold out right now thought of spring are welcome.


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