Friday, February 23, 2007

Neverending Saga

I went to the doctor today. The stones are in both kidneys but they should be small enough to pass. Thankfully, there is no obstruction so if I keep drinking like I have been I should be alright. The problem is that the ultrasound showed something on my ovary when they checked the pelvic area. So I have an appointment to go back for a pelvic ultrasound on Monday. I am really trying not to freak out because of this but I am having a difficult time. I can't wait for the SnB on Tuesday because it will give me some time out and my brain a chance to stop worrying.

On that note, I needed a yarn fix today. I'm trying to stick to my yarn diet as well as my life diet. I didn't do so well on the life diet last night. I had more of the sugar free cookies than I was allowed to have. I am allowed to eat 2 every 4 hours. I ate 6 straight last night. Not as bad as I would have been in the past but I hate the fact that I ate them. I'm over it now and I don't have anymore and I don't think I am going to buy anymore either. On the yarn diet I bought sock yarn today. Since it's allowed on my yarn diet I didn't break that one. I bought the Meilenweit cotton at The Knitting Basket. The shop is across the street from where I live and I had to be up at the mall so I couldn't resist getting something.

Blue Ridge Silk Works is having a sale. It's called I Hate Winter sale and their dyed roving is also on sale. Of course, I couldn't resist saving 40% so I ordered some roving. That order arrived today. I love the colours and the roving is so soft. I finished spinning the Matahari roving I was working on as well as the first bobbin of the confetti. Once the confetti is done and plyed I might try this roving. I'll see what my mood is when I get there.

I also bought another Golding spindle. The funny thing is this. I bought a .6 oz Golding and I had a really big problem with wobbling. I returned it and exchanged it for a .9 oz. spindle of the same design. I love the way this one spins but I feel it's on the heavy side. When I returned the first spindle to Golding they said it spins fine. That's why I opted for the heavier spindle. For those that don't know, Golding is coming out with spindles in lighter weights than they have had. This spindle is .45 ounces and it spins like a dream. What I don't get is why I don't have trouble with this spindle and I did with the .6 oz one and they said there wasn't a problem with the spindle. I find that hard to believe. Anyway, this one is great and I am pleased. I might exchange the .9 ounce again but I hesitate because I got dinged by customs twice and I don't want to get dinged a third time.


  • At 12:10 p.m., Anonymous sydney said…

    I'm glad to hear the kidney stones are small enough to pass on their own. Hopefully the pelvic ultrasound will go well. Definitely too many health issues at once. The SnB will be a good break, I hope.


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