Sunday, November 26, 2006

Today is Sunday Right???

I went to Romni Wools today to exchange the tencel cones. I decided to exchange only one of the cones and I'll use the 2/20 cone for some lace doilies. When I got home from downtown I had a box sitting on my laptop. The postman delivered this to my door today. Today is Sunday right? I guess because it's close to Christmas they are making deliveries on the weekend. I ordered a Golding spindle on Tuesday. Imagine my surprise when I received it today. It spins really well and is the smallest spindle they make. I like it a lot. If there was anything I could change it would be to add a notch behind the hook. That's the way I learned but I can spin with this even though there isn't a notch behind the hook.

I tried out the Tsunami Golding with some black alpaca roving I got at Romni today. The alpaca is the softest stuff I have ever felt but it isn't very easy to spin. The staple length is good but the rovings comes apart very easily. I am going to put it aside for now and read up on it for some tips on how to spin with alpaca. I also bought a bag of a merino/silk blend in an orienta jade colour. I tried it out on the Golding as well and it is a dream to spin. I have 225 grams of it and I want to spin it fine enough to make yarn for a shawl. I might wait until I am better at spinning before I finish spinning the rovings I bought.


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