Friday, November 24, 2006

I Thought It Would Be More Difficult

I was under the impression that a beginning spinner couldn't spin with merino rovings. I had actually bought this roving by mistake from Grand River Yarns before I had taken the workshop on spindle spinning at Gemini Fibres. I was impatient and I wanted something to use after I had my workshop. I knew nothing about fibres, staple length etc. Someone at the class mentioned that a beginning spinner can't spin merino so I didn't even bother to buy any. It wasn't until I got home from the class that the Fleece Artist roving was merino Sliver.

Fast forward 2 weeks and my search for a decent spindle in Toronto. When I was at Lettuce Knit I needed rovings to try their Louet drop spindle. I didn't like the spindle but I was able to use the roving. Imagine my surprise when I was told it was merino. When I got home I tried the merino and the first complete braid of roving is done. I am going to leave it on the noddy overnight to set. My first shot at doing it rather than ripping it off the noddy as soon as the thing is wound up. Tomorrow I will give the yarn and bath and see how balanced the skein is. Most of the yarn is fine. There are some thick and thin parts but that is mostly due to the spindle dropping or my nasty joins. When I wind it into a center pull ball I'll check the yardage of the skein.

So much for no more spinning because I have this deadline for Lacevember. I'm in serious danger of not getting my blue star.


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