Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Spinning and Knitting and Wheels, Oh MY!

Here is my new spindle!! This one is lighter than the Tom Forrester. I got it from Rovings. The whorl is wood from a pear tree and the shaft is walnut. The weight is about 1.4 ounces. In a way it is easier to spin finer because the spindle is lighter but the Tom Forrester definitely spins faster and longer. I am hoping to get to Gemini Fibres sometime Friday or Saturday so I can pick up another Forrester spindle. I have a feeling that the heavier one I originally bought will be perfect for plying.

I haven't been doing much knitting lately. I've been too busy spinning. I did start something new for Lacevember that I want to try and finish by the end of the month. If I get it done I'll get a blue star and I want a blue star. This is a picture of the doily. It's a Herbert Neibling design and the English translation of the name is Salmon Queen according to the pattern I have.

I have to exhibit a lot of patience between now and the end of the year. I am getting a spinning wheel. The Ashford Joy spinning wheel to be exact. I am hoping to have it in time for Christmas but if not I should have it by the end of the year or the very beginning of January. I was able to get it for what I believe is a very reasonable price. It's the double treadle and it will come with the carrying bag. That should make it easier when I go for spinning classes. I've already called Lettuce Knit to find out what they will have available but everything is full right now. I'll have to keep an eye on their website for updates to their class schedule.

I am exhausted but I must get some knitting done tonight. I'll post pics as soon as I get the doily done and blocked.


  • At 9:58 p.m., Blogger Stashaholic said…

    Congratulations! I'm still hording my pennies. I have my eye on either a Louet or a Lendrum. Until then, I'll have to make do with a spindle. Of course I'm waiting (not so patiently) for my Bosworth spindle to come!

    Let us know how the Forrester spins up...I've been looking at them too!

  • At 4:49 a.m., Blogger Yosemite said…

    Thanks Sherri. What happened was I really stumbled on the Joy for the price before it went up and it is on sale so I am saving over $125 and since I live in a small apartment the Joy will be perfect. Megan was the first to tell me about the joy when I was there for the TTC Knit-a-Long.


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