Saturday, November 18, 2006

Knitting Your Own Yarn is Sick!

Knitting with yarn you made with your own two hands is, as my son would say, "sick". For those of you that don't have young ones sick is good. I know the yarn is uneven in spots but it improved as the spinning went on when I finally "got it". I am still going to knit up the rest of the yarn tonight. I might make this into a scarf once I spin more of the SAF rovings. The pattern is from the Arctic Lace book by Donna Druchunas.

I went on my own TTC Knit-A-Long today. I went to Romni Wools and Lettuce Knit. I got some navy Blue Face Leicester (BFL) and some grape dyed Corriedale rovings at Romni and I found out I can exchange the 2/20 tencel I bought when I was there for the real TTC Knit-A-Long for the 2/8 tencel. I just don't know when I will manage to get back there. They are having a beginning spindle class on the 25th but I don't know if I want to do that. I think I am just a tad past the beginner stage. Well, from Romni I headed off to Lettuce Knit. I bought 2 bags of top from there and Spin to Knit. I really have to thank the organizers of the TTC Knit-A-Long because I am getting better and finding my way around this city by TTC now. Now I want to get to Alterknits and Knitomatic. One of these days. Those I think I can drive to.

I wish there was a place in the GTA that sells better quality spindles. I tried at both places and I was very disappointed. I need another spindle and I guess I am going to have to drive up to Mt. Albert to get one.


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