Monday, April 14, 2008

A Purl Of A Day

Life has been very busy lately and blogging has taken a back seat. With Joseph's confirmation over and done with I finally managed to get to The Purple Purl on Saturday. The weather was very rainy. Is there a better way to spend a rainy day than knitting with friends? I think not

While I was at The Purl two lovely women, both named Barbara from Pittsburgh, happened into the store. They were in town for the weekend (headed home today I believe). Somehow we got to talking politics. They are Clinton fans and so am I and so is my son. Don't say anything against Hillary in his presence. He'll blast you and give you pretty good reasons for it as well. I am American born and Joseph's birth has been recorded so he is a dual citizen. Alas he is still too young to vote. I was given a Hillary 08 button for Joseph and he was thrilled to receive it. I can't thank them enough. Now if only I could figure out a way to keep in touch. I didn't get any email addresses. I'm hoping at least one of them email either Miko or Jennifer so I can keep in touch..

As always I didn't come home empty handed. I finally bought the Alpaca With A Twist fibre and I can't wait to get going to try and spin some. I also got a Go Knit bag in two sizes. The medium size holds the Alpahbet blanket perfectly and I have socks in the small one. I still say, just like yarn, one can never have too many bags. I see a few more in my future by the end of the Knitter's Frolic.

I managed to accomplish a lot of knitting on the blanket. I'm more than halfway there. I'm working D, E, F, G, & H right now and past the halfway point for this block of letters. I can't believe I was actually able to work on it at The Purl. When I figured it was time to stop I picked up the Monkey socks and finished the first one and cast on the second. Low and behond, this easy pattern I managed to screw up. I was used to the Los Monos Locos and forgot to add the two plain knit rounds at the end of the pattern repeat. I didn't figure this out until the first sock was finished and I was starting the pattern on the second sock. I ended up ripping back the second sock to the proper place and then put it aside when I got home and undid the first sock to the point where I made the mistake. I'm on the twisted ribbing now for the first sock and will get that one done tonight. I'm not sure what these socks should be called. They are monkey socks because they have the purl sts but they are toe up so the pattern is almost the same as Los Monos Locos - just with purl sts.

UPDATE NOTE: I've had this post waiting for pictures before I posted and that just hasn't happened yet so I've decided to post it and I'll put pictures in a different post. I've since completed the first Monkey sock and am now working on the A-B-C charts for the blanket. I'm not sure how much I am looking forward to the edging. I have to read the pattern and figure out exactly how it is constructe

Here, FINALLY, are the pictures.

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