Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend Accomplishment

Two days off just seem to FLY by. It's Monday morning and I have to go back to work. How yuck is that?

Despite the busy time I had I did manage to get some knitting time in. I finished the Fuchseitbl├╝ten doily. I love the way it came out but I did have some challenges while blocking. The final set of buds didn't want to stop bunching up. I think it's because you have to slip 6 sts, k the next 5 and then slip the 6 sts over the 5. It was just at the end of the doily so I don't think there was as much room to spread out. I still like the finished result and I might try and reblock it one of these days.

I cast on March 8th and finished March 15th. I used DMC Cebelia number 30 and 2 mm Knit Picks Harmony needles.



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