Monday, February 18, 2008

Meet Lizbeth

I received my new Suzie Pro on Monday. I didn't really have the time or the will to put it together during the week. Paul and I took it out of the box on Thursday and finished putting it together last night. I've named her Lizbeth and I just love her. I spun up the little bit of alpaca Miko gave me on Saturday. There wasn't much there and I was only playing around so I decided to navajo ply the single. Since I wasn't really trying to be even, and I was just trying to get the feel of the wheel I am happy with the results. It's the first time I've navajo plied and not have it come out totally over plied. It's also the first time I was actually able to spin alpaca. ALL of my attempts in the past have been a dismal failure. I tried the Joy and the Victoria and even the Little Gem but I couldn't get it to work. This isn't perfect but at least I was able to spin it up. Now I really have to get some of the Alpaca With A Twist fibre when I go back to the Purple Purl.

Tomorrow is snb night. I thought so and mentioned it to Paul earlier today. He said no it was last week. I knew we had met before Valentine's day for he really had me going. I was beginning to wonder if he was right. Then I checked my email and there was the invite so I was right all along. It's good to know I haven't completely lost my mind!



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