Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On The Mend

What a time. I am so relieved the sequence of events took place the way they did.

Joseph came home from his trip on Friday. It was so good to see him. I think I understand empty nest difficulties after last week. We went out to Montana's on Friday night. On Saturday I went to The Purple Purl. Paul called me just as I was going to go for lunch. Joseph had a fever and Paul was going to go to get some liquid Motrin. I asked if I should come home and Paul said no he didn't think it was necessary. I left a short time later anyway. When I got hime Paul went for the Motrin. Joseph was sleeping when I got home. When he woke up he was shivering like mad and his fever was up to 104F. We gave him Motrin soon after that and when we checked things around 30 minutes after he had the Motrin his fever went up to 104.9. That was enough for me. We went to the after hours clinic at the hospital. That was a useless exercise. The doctor did a throat culture and said they have had problems with the lab losing the tests so they might not get the results. If Joseph still had a fever in 2 days I should take him to his family doctor. I did that yesterday. He has an ear infection and is now on antibiotics. Like I said earlier, I am so glad he didn't get this when he was away at Mansfield. I know it isn't fun to come home and get sick as soon as you get here but at least he was home. He's on the mend now and will go back to school on Thursday.

Not much is going on knitwise. I'm working on something that I can't really talk about and I am having fun with it but right nowt he progress is slow. Tomorrow I need to go to The Purple Purl after work and sort things out with the Joy that I am going to leave there as I try to sell it.



  • At 3:36 a.m., Blogger Sheila said…

    It's so hard when your "babies" are sick not matter what their age. I'm glad he is on antibiotics and feeling better.

  • At 9:54 p.m., Blogger June said…

    Hi Yosemite!

    You asked about my skein winder, and personally, I love it! I am too lazy to use it sometimes, it all depends on how full my jumbo bobbin is . . . I do think it is worth the investment, although, I would do the drum carder first as the skeiner isn't really a necessity, unless, you have trouble holding the niddy noddy! Anytime I can help, let me know!


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