Saturday, March 08, 2008


Tuesday night I decided to start another lace project. It's a small oval doily that is from the Kunst Stricken kleine und große Decken called Leberblümchen. I finished the knitting last night and blocked it this afternoon. This particular version calls for the sts to be cast off instead of crocheted off. After I finished this I found the same oval doily in Muestras Ymotivos Tricot Hogar #1. In this version the doily is crocheted off. I think I might knit it again after I finish the new doily I just started. This new one is from Burda Special E418. It's number 34 and the name of it is Fuchsienblüten. It is another Herbert Niebling design. I'll post pics once I have some progress to show.

My dad is still in the hospital but my brother says he is making very nice progress. To put it in his words "If you didn't have anything to worry about before you have even less to worry about now." I am encouraged by this. Menachem said dad will have to go into a rehab facility after the hospital because with the Parkinson's Disease and all that time in bed in the hospital he will need the rehabilitation before he can go home. I just can't wait for Menachem to call me and tell me dad has left the hospital.

Now to get back to some knitting. It's the best way I can think of to spend a snowy day. The next best thing would be spinning but that will happen tomorrow, I hope. Now if only old man winter would leave!!!!!!!!

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