Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I know this is late, but, better late than never.

Saturday was World Wide Knit In Public Day. We celebrated here in Toronto by having our TTC Knit A Long. The weather was fantastic. It was a huge different to the rain we dealt with in October when we had the KAL. This time I joined the central team with Kimberly. The quick version is we started out at Alterknit. From there we went to Knitomatic where we saw Fab Haley and Pluto. While there I bought some Misty Alpaca in a blue colour. This stuff is so soft. I have to figure out something really nice to knit. Maybe I'll use it for the Mystery Stole 3.
From Knitomatic we went to Lettuce Knit. I bought the Rocketry kit. I would have preferred the Tulips sweater but Megan didn't have it in stock and the waiting list is long. If I waited Elisheva would be too big for it by the time I'd get to knit it. So I bought the boys version. I really think it will work for a boy or a girl. The colours are so nice. And there is purple in it so I think it will be alright. Believe it or not, that's all the stuff I bought.
There's lots more to write about but that will wait for another day.


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