Sunday, June 03, 2007

Finally Finally Finally!!!!

I just got off the phone with Henny and I am pleased to announce that SHAYNA IS FINALLY COMING HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL TODAY!!!!! They were waiting for a cab when I spoke to her. Henny said she was surprised because originally they were going to do another CT scan tomorrrow but Shayna hasn't had a fever in a few days and the doctor said he would let her go home on the condition that her temperature is taken twice a day and if it goes up to 100.5F she has to phone him immediately. Henny hasn't told the rest of the kids. They are in different places right now. My son Usher has Liba and Menachem Mendel and Shimon is at a friends house. Yoni went away for the weekend. They will come home in spurts so as to not overwhelm everyone.

In other great news. My new granddaughter's name is Elisheva Miriam. I haven't spoken to mom or dad since I found out the name so I am not sure yet what they are going to call her. Still no pics. I'll post one as soon as I have one.

Now for some pattern help. I am finished with all the tiers on the Forest Path Stole. I am ready to do the right border and, even though I did this pattern years ago when the magazine first came out, I can't figure out how to do that bloody thing yet again. I remember I had a problem with it the first time. Maybe I just have a blockage where this thing is concerned. I'm going to sit down and try and concentrate and see if I can figure it out again. I tried googling for help but I couldn't find anything. Once this thing is done I am going to jump for joy. I enjoyed knitting it again but I am not sure I would knit it a third time. If I did, I would probably change the Lily of the Valley rectangles to something else. I've had enough of the nupps.


  • At 6:37 p.m., Blogger MezzoDiva said…

    I didn’t realize how much I was holding my breath for you until I felt the release when I got home from rehearsal today and read your blog. I know we’ve only known each other a short time, but I care very deeply for you and your family. Please send Shayna my wishes for refuah mhera u'shlema.
    Lots of Love, XOXOXO.

  • At 12:31 p.m., Anonymous Shannon said…

    Oh thank goodness she is home now!!! you must be relieved


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