Saturday, May 26, 2007

Torn Between Two Loves

Since I was in NYC I did not get to see the post on Stephanie's blog about the yarn crawl today. I was so far behind in reading my blogs when I got home. I received an email from a friend yesterday asking me if I was going to go on the yarn crawl today and I emailed her back asking if it was the TTC Knit A Long she was referring to. She said yes and I didn't think about it again until I got to the book signing last night. When I got home I read all about it on Stephanie's blog. I soooooo wanted to go but I had a prior committment to go up to Gemini Fibres for their spin in. When Maggie ended up not being able to go I was really close to not going myself. Sherri was going to go with me to Gemini and she emailed me telling me that Stephanie had convinced her to on the yarn crawl. This made me want to go even more. I debated and debated but alas I get so little time to spin the spinning won out, especially since I am joining the Knit A Long on the 9th.

You don't really think I can go to Gemini and come home empty handed do you? Especially when everything was 10% off. Here's the stuff that followed me home.

McMorran Yarn Balance

Louet Carders

Spindle Sack

Another Forrester Spindle.

Some white 10/2 mercerized cotton.

Two different colourways of Fleece Artist silk/wool fibre.

Fleece Artist merino fibre.


  • At 12:42 p.m., Anonymous Sherri said…

    Looks like you had fun at the Spin In Rochelle - wish I could have cloned myself. I had a total riot at the yarn crawl (as you'll see when you look at the pics on the blog). Wish you could have been there too.


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