Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Week in Pictures

I am still exhausted. It makes me seriously wonder how Henny does it. I don't remember it being that difficult when my children were that age. I was younger then so that must make the difference. There is a reason to have children when you're young, I tell you.

This is Menachem Mendel. You have to watch him like a hawk. He is fast as lightening and loves getting into trouble. He loves wearing everyone's shoes so even if you put your shoes someplace chances are they won't be there when you go to put them on in the morning. Have no fear, he will look like a boy when he gets his haircut in the fall when he turns 3.

This is Shimon. He has an amazing imagination and talks a mile a minute to tell you whatever is on his mind. I think I am going to change his name to Mr. Stubborn. I thought I can be stubborn. This little one has me beat by a mile. When we went to visit his sister in the hospital the bus was really crowded. I asked him to move closer to Menachem Mendel. MM had a fit so I asked him to move back and give his brother more room. He refused to do it. After repeated requests I finally just told him I had treats and he wasn't going to get any because he wasn't listening to me. He said that it was alright because he didn't want a treat anyway. Yoni pulled out the treats and started handing them out and then Shimon moved away over, looked at me, and said "ok I'm listening now, can I have a treat?" If we had been anywhere but on a crowded bus I think my answer would have been different.

This is Liba. To be honest, I can't believe what a young lady she is becoming. She is so helpful. I think she is trying to make up for Shayna being in the hospital. When Menachem Mendel was born it was as if he was put on the planet to be her personal doll. I am pleased to see she has gotten over that. It's either than or MM won't stand for it anymore so she had no choice but to stop bothering him all the time.

This is Yoni. He is really missing his sister. We went to the pizza shop before we went to the hospital thinking if they all went with full bellies they might be a little quieter.

This is Shayna. I still can't believe she allowed me to take a picture in the hospital. I just want her home soon. She's been through enough.

This cutie patootie is Mati. Don't let the smile fool you. He has an amazing set of lungs when he is tired and hungry. I found that out on Monday night when I went to the hospital to visit Shayna. He was quite hysterical on the way home.

Mati's proud papa, Usher. I am please to say he trimmed that beard before I left. I just didn't get a chance to take a picture of the new Usher after he got a haircut and beard trim. When I saw him last week the first words out of my mouth were the beard has got to be trimmed. I thought it was quite disgusting. Nothing like a mother telling it like it is eh?

My son Shmuel Dovid's wife, Anna, is due any second. I didn't manage to get pictures taken of the two of them when I was there. I was hoping she might have the baby while I was down there but that didn't happen. Her due date is Friday so I don't think the doctor will let her go much longer. They did an ultra sound on Monday and Anna told me the doctor thinks the baby is about 8 1/2 pounds already. I remember how it feels to be so close to your due date and just waiting to give birth.

I did get some knitting done while I was taking the bus too and from the hospital, on the plane etc. I finished the first sock of the May Day Socks. I am about to start the gusset on the second sock so I should have that one done this weekend. I'll post pics when they are blocking.


  • At 8:00 a.m., Anonymous Shannon said…

    Awww, look at all your babies!! you must miss them so dearly when you are away from them.

  • At 2:58 a.m., Blogger Debi said…

    What a beautiful family! I hope Shayna feels 100% very soon!


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